Finally, People with Disabilities Are #ABLEtoSave

There are many compelling reasons to believe that the impact of the Stephen Beck Jr., Achieving a Better Life Experience Act (ABLE) and, by extension, ABLE accounts, will be transformative to millions of individuals with disabilities and their families. For children, youth and working-age adults with disabilities, there are multiple reasons to recognize the power and potential of ABLE.

Since June 2016, when the first ABLE program opened in Ohio (STABLE Accounts) for ABLE-eligible individuals nationwide, more than 10,000 individuals with disabilities have opened ABLE accounts, which are now being offered in 23 states. More than $25 million has been contributed to accounts, which are now growing through selected investment choices. Yet, there are an estimated 10 million eligible individuals with disabilities and their families who have not yet moved forward and taken advantage of this transformative policy change.

Clearly, there is a marked need for a massive education and outreach campaign to explain the benefits and the power of an ABLE account to transform expectations, thinking, goal setting and behavior. To meet that need, the ABLE National Resource Center (ANRC) will launch #ABLEtoSave, a multidimensional marketing and informational campaign which will run throughout the month of August. The ANRC is joined in this effort by more than 20 national disability organizations, the 23 state ABLE programs, multiple federal agencies, financial institutions and investment companies.

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