AACT Abbreviated Acount query - Title II
AAJ Administrative Appeals Judge - AC adjudicator
AC Appeals Council
ACE Average Current Earnings - factor used in WC offset calculation
ADL Activities of Daily Living
AI Aged Individual - Title XVI
ALJ Administrative Law Judge
AME Agreed Medical Examiner - WC term
AME Average Monthly Earnings - benefit calculation factor
AOD Alleged Onset of Disability or Alleged Onset Date
AR Acquiescence Ruling
AUSA Assistant U.S. Attorney
BHA Bureau of Hearings and Appeals - former name of OHO
BO Branch Office - sub-office of a DO
BWO Blind Work Expenses
CAB Civil Actions Branch of AC
CDB Childhood Disability Benefits - Title II
CE Consulative Examination or Examiner
CFR Code of Federal Regulations
CIB Child's Insurance Benefits - Title II
COBRA Comprehensive Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act
COLA Cost of Living Adjustment
CPAB Congressional and Public Affairs Branch
DAA Drug Addiction and/or Alcoholism
DAC Disabled Adult Child - Title II
DED Disability Evaluation Division - the state agency
DEQY Detailed Earnings Query - Title II
DDS Disability Determination Service - the state agency
DHHS Department of Health and Human Services - former SSA parent agency
DI Disabled Individual - Title XVI
DIB Disability Insurance Benefits - Title II
DISM Same as DSM, the preferred acronym
DISM Disability Insurance State Manual
DIWC Disabled Individual, Worker or Child - Title II claim type
DJ District Judge
DLI Date Last Insured - Title II disability insured status
DLM Date Last Met - same as DLI
DO District Office - local SSA field office
DOB Date Of Birth
DOE Date Of Entitlement - Title II
DOT Dictionary of Occupational Titles
DSM Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders
EAJA Equal Access to Justice Act
EOD Established Onset of Disability
EPE Extended Period of Eligibility - Title II
ER Earnings Record
FBM First Benefit Month
FBR Federal Benefit Rate - Title XVI
FIB Father's Insurance Benefits - Title II
FMAX Family Maximum - Title II benefit limit
FO Field Office - a DO or a BO
FOIA Freedom of Information Act
GLPSC Great Lakes Program Service Center - PC4
HA Hearing Assistant
HALLEX Hearings, Appeals and Litigation Law - OHO policy manual
HCFA Health Care Finance Administration - DHHS Medicare agency
HE Hearing Examiner - former title of ALJ
HIA Health Insurance, Part A - Medicare
HIB Health Insurance, Part B - Medicare
HOCALJ Hearing Office Chief ALJ
HOA Hearing Office Administrator
HOM Hearing Office Manager
HOSA Hearing Office Systems Administrator
HPI Hearing Process “Improvement”
IAP Interim Assistance Program - Title XVI
IAR Interim Assistance Reimbursement - Title XVI
ICD International Classification of Diseases
ID Initial Determination
IEP Initial Enrollment Periond - SMIB
IFA Individualized Functional Assessment - former SSI child dib. standard
IME Independent Medical Examiner - WC term
IRWE Impairment-Related Work Expense
ISM In-Kind Support & Maintenance - Title XVI
LMER Last Met Earnings Requirement - same as DLI
LPC Legal Processing Clerk
LSDP Lump-Sum Death Payment
MA Medical Advisor - former title of an ME
MAMPSC Mid-America Program Service Center - PC6
MATPSC Mid-Atlantic Program Service Center - PC2
MBR Master Beneficiary Record - Title II
ME Medical Expert - designated physician at the hearing level
MER Medical Evidence of Record [also MEOR]
MIB Mother's Insurance Benefits - Title II
MSS Medical Source Statement
NEPSC NorthEastern Program Service Center - PC1
NH Number Holder - "Wage Earner" - Title II
OARO Office of Analytics, Review, and Oversight
OASDI Old-Age, Survivor & Disability Insurance - Title II
OCRO Office of Central Records Operations - Baltimore, MD - PC9
ODAR Office of Disability, Adjudication and Review - former name of OHO
ODIO Office of Disability & International Operations - Baltimore, MD - PC8
ODO Office of Disability Operations - ODIO component - PC7
OGC Office of General Counsel
OHA Office of Hearings and Appeals - former name of OHO
OHO Office of Hearings Operations (formerly ODAR and OHA)
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OOH Occupational Outlook Handbook
OP Over-Payment
OPIR Office of Program Integrity Review
PA Privacy Act
PASS Plan to Achieve Self Support - Title XVI
PCI Payment Cycling Indicator - staggered benefit payment dates
PE Post Entitlement - Title II
PE Post Eligibility - Title XVI
PEBES Personal Earnings and Benefit Estimate Statement - Title II
PIA Primary Insurance Amount - base benefit rate
PMV Presumed Maximum Value - Title XVI income term
POMS Program Operations Manual System - SSA claims manual
PPD Permanent Partial Disability - WC term
PPS Program Policy Statement - SSR precursor
PRUCOL Permanent Residence Under Color Of Law
PRW Past Relevant Work
PSC Program Service Center
QA Quality Assurance
QC Quarter of Coverage - Title II
QMB Qualified Medicare Beneficiary
QME Qualified Medical Examiner - WC term
RC Regional Commissioner of SSA
RCALJ Regional Chief ALJ
RFC Residual Functional Capacity
RFH Request For Hearing
RFR Request for Reconsideration
RIB Retirement Insurance Benefits - Title II
RMO Regional Management Officer
RO Regional Office - OHO management unit
RPO Regional Program Officer
RRB Railroad Retirement Board
SDI State Disability Insurance
SDM Single Decision Maker
SEPSC SouthEastern Program Service Center - PC3
SEQY Summary Earnings Query - Title II
SGA Substantial Gainful Activity
SHA Supervisory Hearing Assistant
SIB Spouse's Insurance Benefits - Title II
SLMB Special Low-income Medicare Beneficiary
SMIB Supplemental Medical Insurance Benefits - same as HIB
SSA Social Security Administration
SSA Supervisory Staff Attorney
SSDC Social Security (Title II) and SSI (Title XVI) concurrent claim
SSDI Social Security Disability Insurance - Title II
SSI Supplemental Security Income - Title XVI
SSID SSI Disability
SSID SSI Display - computer query
SSIRD SSI Record Display - computer query
SSLP Social Security Law and Practice - West Group
SSP State Supplementary Payments - optional state SSI add-on
SSPG Social Security Practice Guide - Matthew Bender
SSRS Social Security Reporting Service - West Group
SSR Social Security Ruling
TTD Temporary Total Disability - WC term
TWP Trial Work Period - Title II
UI Unearned Income - Title XVI
UI Unemployment Insurance
UP Under-Payment
USC United States Code
USCA United States Code Annotated
UWA Unsuccessful Work Attempt
VE Vocational Expert
VR Vocational Rehabilitation
VTR Value of the one-Third Reduction - Title XVI
WC Worker's Compensation
WE Wage Earner - Title II
WIB Widow(er)'s Insurance Benefits - Title II
WNPSC WesterN Program Service Center - PC5


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