NOSSCR’s Political Action Committee (PAC) ensures that advocates for our country’s disability program have a voice in local, state, and national government. The committee works to support members of Congress who advocate for Social Security claimants. 

Our Political Action Committee is led by the officers of the NOSSCR Board. They direct all contributions, leaning heavily on professional advice from NOSSCR's long-time association attorney and lobbyist.

Member’s support of the NOSSCR PAC is a strategic investment in our country’s future. The NOSSCR PAC will work to reduce the chance that legislation will damage the disability program. A PAC cannot solve all the problems we face, but can reduce the chance of legislation that causes more problems, and threatens Social Security and Social Security disability benefits. 

Federal law prohibits the NOSSCR PAC from soliciting contributions from persons other than NOSSCR members. Any contributions received from any other persons will be returned. For more information on the NOSSCR PAC, please contact NOSSCR at or 201-567-4228.

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